Krugreppean Fighter

+5 Might
+4 Endurance Survival
+3 Power of Nature Intimidation Melee Weapons
+2 Ranged Weapons Athletics Alertness Empathy
+1 Leadership Resolve Contacting Stealth Rapport


  • Wrestler (pg.99): Use Might instead of Fists in hand-to-hand combat
  • Savage Fighter (pg.100): Use Might instead of Melee Weapons when fighting with two-handed weapons.
  • Magical Ally: Guardian is accompanied by the Necromantic energy pistol known as the “Ebon Lance
  • Personal Magic Item: Guardian wields the massive maul simply known as “Bridge


  • Krugreppean, the Mountain that Moves: Guardian is member of a race exemplifying physical prowess, endurance, and honor. (Guardian’s own strength can be his detriment in certain situations.)
  • Noble Savage: Guardian’s people hold ideals of honor, natural preservation, and prowess in battle above all else. (At times Guardian is ill-equipped to interact within high societal social structures.)
  • Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know: The Krugreppeans are custodians of a number of myths, legends, and ideals that are said to be from beyond the Tainted World itself. As such, Guardian has an uncanny knowledge in the right situation. (These secrets can be exploited, much to the detriment of Guardian’s people.)
  • Not Have Loved At All: Guardian has strong ties to the Romani factions of the area, in particular the woman known as Aigyptoi whom he shares a platonic relationship. (Ways of romance and courtship, or even dealing with the female gender in general are difficult concepts for Guardian.)
  • Wolves Among Us: Insurrection within the hierarchy of the Sentinels of KORE has Guardian ever vigilant to duplicity and deceit. (Guardian’s constant vigilance against betrayal can border paranoia at times leading to nothing constructive.)
  • Black Lotus Affinity: Guardian counts among his allies the Black Lotus, a group of merchants who deal in black market and elicit substances. (This relationship is looked down upon by those more reputable or in positions of authority.)
  • Moonless Pathfinder: Guardian’s skills as a tracker are unsurpassed, he is able to glean traces of his quarry’s trail from the most innocuous of clues. (Guardian’s meticulous attention to details can cause him to be blinded to the most obvious of revelations.)
  • Leader of the Sentinels of KORE: Guardian was raised from birth as a warrior and as such is able to draw on a lifetime of training in battle. He now shares leadership over the Sentinels of KORE warrior lodge. (Guardian will often refuse to give ground or retreat in battle, even with faced with insurmountable odds.)
  • Influence of the Ebon Lance: The Ebon Lance gives council and knowledge to Guardian and is constantly at his side. (The Ebon Lance has a will of its own…as well as its own agenda.)
  • Thrall to the Black Moon Consortium: Guardian is an agent of the Moon Liches, a powerful organization with a sinister agenda. He is able to call upon their extensive resources as needed. (Guardian has little choice but to serve the Moon Liches, who hold the fate of Guardian’s tribe in their hands should he falter.)


  • Bridge, two handed maul, personal magic item, with back scabbard
  • Ebon Lance, Necromantic energy pistol, magical ally, in holster on armor
  • Heavy armor: (-2, Minor, Major, Severe) noisy, hot aspects
  • Great helm and crystal lens eye patch
  • Short sword: +2 bonus, close combat weapon aspect
  • dozens of varieties in seeds, bulbs, and seed packets in assorted pouches
  • harness, bandoleer, rucksack, and utility pouches with belt
  • Rhinox mount with tack and saddle
  • Tome of the Krugreppeans


Born Into Nature, Born Unto Battle: Guardian was born the third child of the tribal chieftain himself. The third child’s role of the chieftain is that of honor guard and as such Guardian was raised from birth to fill that role. His prowess in battle was exhaustively put to the test but he learned many other skills in addition. He also learned the ways of the natural world as well as the basic tenets of his people. All of that changed when Guardian miscalculated his bid for tribal leadership, losing in trial by combat to the chieftain. By not allowing either of his older two siblings the first opportunity to challenge the chieftain Guardian earned his siblings’ bitter enmity. He not only lost the fight itself, a duel which was by all accounts hard fought but with a rather decisive end, but he superseded tribal tradition by shaming his siblings a fact that would have been overlooked had he won the fight. The weight of both of these actions were too much for the tribe to bear and Guardian himself was exiled indefinitely from the tribe. His oldest sibling, the firstborn daughter Sentry, not content merely with Guardian’s exile, has vowed to hunt him down and make him pay for what she perceives as a grave injustice to herself, her father, and her people.


A Krugreppean in a Strange Land: Guardian’s first contact with civilization was almost his demise. Guardian came upon an attack of a caravan by a band of highwaymen consisting of several Ogres and an Ogre Mage. He came to the caravan’s aid, but what little protection they had brought with them had already been slain. Guardian tore into the ranks of the Ogres, felling several but suffering many wounds in return. When he struck a serious wound through the Ogre Mage’s defenses the retreat was called for and the Ogres withdrew to the hills. Once the caravan’s safety was assured Guardian succumbed to his wounds.

He woke up in the city of the Visage of Strife days later, nursed back to consciousness by a human female named Lana Guerraut. It was her caravan that he protected, and her life that he saved. Over the following weeks she nursed Guardian slowly back to health and the two became incredibly close. Guardian came to discover that Lana Guerraut was part of a large but underrepresented group within the city known as the Romani. Serving in many roles considered beneath certain social classes, the Romani maintained strength in unity and were most adept at gaining and selling valuable information, employing an extensive spy network.

It came to Guardian’s attention that these Romani were being unfairly persecuted by corrupt city guard as well as being taken advantage of. This did not sit well with Guardian thinking of his new found allies, especially the harassment of the woman Lana Guerraut. He took it upon himself to champion their cause and in short order, and through his brute strength and intimidating nature, he was able to get the corrupt city guard off of their backs and let the Romani gain a secure position and a firm foundation in the city.

Guardian and the Insidiousness from Within: Guardian’s rise among the ranks of the warrior lodge within the Visage of Strife was meteoric to say the least. His prowess in battle was elementary in this but it was his adherence to the warrior code and his adoption of his former tribe’s tenets that most led to his success.

Within a few short years Guardian had transformed the lodge from a loose band of mercenaries and sell-swords into a formidable warrior cult, the Sentinels of KORE. A triumvirate was setup using Krugeppean tradition as its template and the rest of its warriors organized in a similar fashion. Rumors from within pointed to an inner conspiracy at the core of the lodge, Guardian and the other triumvirate members set to root out.

They uncovered a nest of double agents working for the black market thieves guild. This in turn became a falsehood in itself, misdirection by another member of the triumvirate, Genii Skald. The thieves guild, the Black Lotus, were tracking down a secretive werewolf cult of whom Skald was the leader, slowly recruiting Sentinels of KORE into the ranks. Guardian and the Black Lotus were able to eliminate the werewolf initiates but were careful not to tip their hand to Skald of what all they knew. Guardian, who now works hand in hand with the Black Lotus on many endeavors, is biding his time in a dangerous game of political maneuvering until the true nature and ultimate goal of Skald is determined.

Guardian and the Chronomancers of Solstice Mountain: While on a routine mission apprehending a rogue wizard wanted for violations against the codex Guardian came into some unwanted attention of the rogue wizard’s employers. The Embers of Mehmet are a group of sinister Chronomancers responsible for a wide range of profane experiments. Guardian’s maul, Bridge, was a prize they sought to exploit, thinking it could act as a doorway to a dimension of limitless power. Through their manipulation of time they managed to separate the Krugreppean from his maul and then stole away to Solstice Mountain to conduct their ceremony.

Guardian was able to get sign of his quarry and against impossible odds tracked them to their sacred mountain. With Ebon Lance in hand, Guardian fought his way into the heart of the mountain and stopped the ritual, taking back what was rightfully his. A doorway was opened nonetheless, but without Bridge in place it was to a hellish realm beyond the Chronomancers’ calculations. Guardian, now wielding Bridge, cut a swath of destruction through Daemonic chaos, enraged cultists, and shifting timelines alike to be free of Solstice Mountain.

Guardian and the Eclipse of the Black Moon: While plying his trade as a bounty hunter Guardian was approached by the Liches of the Black Moon Consortium. A dangerous quarry was sought by an even more dangerous client. Guardian was intrigued however, and not one to back down he accepted. The prospect of having several items of technology on loan from the Liches to assist him at his task was also of interest to the mighty Krugreppean.

The Serravain were easily one of the deadliest enemies Guardian had ever faced on his own. They are an arcane anomaly, sinister beings of pure magical energy and malicious intent. They are not to be reasoned with and their motivations are unknown. With the strange devices loaned to him however he was able to subdue several of them easily enough and return their captive forms back to the Moon Liches.

In an exchange that seemed like a double-cross, the Moon Liches freed the Sarravain and directed them to attack Guardian. The Liches were only testing a control device that they had implanted on the Serravain, and it seemed to had worked. Guardian’s payment for the task completed was an intelligent weapon known as the Ebon Lance. Wary of continued employment with such a dire group Guardian made it clear he wanted nothing further to do with the Moon Liches. That’s when they produced a small device, the images shown on the screen were that of Guardian’s tribe, his tribe that had remained secret for hundreds of years. The Moon Liches of the Black Moon Consortium made it perfectly clear; Guardian would work for them as needed and his tribe’s location would be kept secret and their safety ensured. The Ebon Lance provided the link between Guardian and the Liches.


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