Guardian's Maul

weapon (melee)

Personal Magic Item
General Enchantment: +3 craftsmanship bonus

Maul (2H)
bonus: 4 (+7)
weight: 14
skill: might
aspects: Heavy, Cumbersome, Poor in Close Combat, Hammer of the Gods, Chronopocalypse
tasty weapon aspect: Avalanche of Doom


The saying goes, “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole.” The Krugreppeans remedied this idiom by affixing an obsidian sledge on the end of said ten-foot pole. Now one can not only touch the undesirable object from a safe distant, but smash it to oblivion as well.

Bridge is a massive maul, a solid block of obsidian atop a ten-foot shaft of a near-indestructible, unknown metal alloy. It is said to have been forged from the center of a fallen star, its true origins however remain a mystery. All that is known is that due to its immense size and weight that is takes someone truly large to adequately wield it. It bears no runes, sigils, or other recognizable devices yet it quietly hums with a power from within.

Bridge takes its name from being a conduit of sorts between two worlds, that of the living and that of the afterlife, where its targets invariably are sent after meeting its crushing blow.


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