The Ebon Lance

Necromantic Energy Pistol

weapon (ranged)

Magical Ally, Physical Conflict Scope
Intelligent, Alternate Skill Usage: Might
Independent, Quality Enhancement: +1

Pistol [black powder musket]
bonus: 4
range (zones): 2
weight: 7
skill: might
Ignore Armor: -2
aspects: Bites the Hand that Wields It, Agent of the Black Moon, Slow Reload, Out of Ammo
tasty weapon aspect: Overcharged Necro-bolt

Fair (+2) Companion
three stress, one consequence

+2 Deceit
+1 Alertness


The Black Moon Consortium has a host of magical items and devices to use at their whim. Those under the employ of the Moon Liches are sometimes loaned the use of these items, or in rare cases, given.

The Ebon Lance is such an item, but it is so much more than just an item. The Ebon Lance has a mind and will of its own, in fact, the Ebon Lance is a fully sentient agent of the Black Moon Consortium. It is uniquely magical in nature, with its true source of power undetermined, although the Power of Death pervades the item and is apparent upon closer scrutiny. Some have speculated that the intelligence within is a bound spirit, but its true nature remains a mystery.

The expenditure of power the pistol draws upon is near impossible to ignore and it often damages more than just its target. Whether by design or by faulty mechanisms the Ebon Lance continuously leaks a Necromantic phage when in use that tries to steal upon the life energy of its wielder. Only those of truly great strength are able to withstand this siphoning of their life force. Perhaps this is why the Moon Liches entrusted the use of the Ebon Lance to the mighty Krugreppean known as Guardian.

The Ebon Lance

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