Some framework to work from. Players will be able to create locations, organizations, NPC, etc…on the fly.


Technically a hereditary kingship. The grandfather and father pacified the surrounding areas, and the current king is enjoying the peace, perhaps a little too much.

Law is a combination of written law, custom and common sense. If your action is deemed against the interest of the city (or powerful persons), you may be convicted of a crime despite breaking no written law. The idea of the natural rights of all men is an important new concept that is still not prevalent. Magic may not be performed in the city outside of areas of research and learning approved by the authorities— areas such as the Society of Mages Mercantile and the Society of Natural Philosophers. Murder is strictly prohibited, although dueling is allowed outside the city limits. Witnesses are encouraged. There is a city watch that keeps order.

Much of the day to day details of the city are handled informally by powerful nobles more interested in governance that the current king.

There are three armed groups in Visage. The army, the navy, and the city watch. The navy is commanded by Lord Admiral Bremen. The army by General Cordwain. The watch by Sheriff Thorne.
The navy is the senior service, with the Lord Admiral holding a spot on the privy council. This leads to some tension between the services. The watch is commanded by the Sheriff, who is in turn answerable to the Chief Magistrate, Lord Blackston.

External Threats

To the south the city is threatened by tribes of demi human nomads, possibly the forerunners of a mongul-like horde out of central asia, as well as the Russ to the east, Prussia to the west, and the Stoneshore Reavers throughout the sea to the north.



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