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The Bulwark has stood time immemorial as one of the cornerstones of The Visage of Strife. Some say it stood ground when the city itself was a mere trading hub, when oral histories replace recorded works it is always hard to determine.

The Bulwark is home to the Sentinels of KORE, a warrior cult that have occupied its halls for as long as anyone can remember. The Bulwark is surrounded by a short but thick defensible wall with intermittent battlements. A curious feature considering it is within the confines of the city proper. It is assumed that it is an architectural remnant from an earlier time. Part temple, part training grounds, even part meadery, the Bulwark seemingly provides for the needs of the KORE Sentinels whatever they may be.

  • The Hall of Heroes: The path leading to the Bulwark’s main entrance is lined with stone statues venerating Sentinels of old. Within the hall are iconic weapons held in cases and on display as well as tapestries detailing the history of the KORE Sentinels.
  • The main level also houses the living quarters of the leaders of KORE, as well as an enormous dining hall replete with a full tavern.
  • The Barracks: The first level below ground is dedicated wholly to the living quarters for the rest of the Sentinels. At their fullest capacity the Sentinels number one hundred individuals and the barracks below are able to comfortably house them all. Quarters range from several bunks together to individual rooms for one occupant. Accommodations are made for those whose physical makeup require additional room such as half-giants, centaurs, and the like.
  • The second level below the Barracks is home to only two entities; the Inner Sanctum and the Armory. The Inner Sanctum is a large, vaulted chamber with dozens of shrines to a number of deities far and wide. Sentinels come from an incredibly diverse number of backgrounds and cultures, and as such the Inner Sanctum sees all types of representations. A collective spirituality pervades throughout the chamber and it is not uncommon for warriors unaffiliated with any of the deities to spend time in the sanctum before embarking for lands unknown. The Armory is as it sounds, the area of the Bulwark that houses the bulk of the weapon stores. Mundane and unique items alike can be found within and with its location one would feasibly have to pass through the one hundred warriors above in order to reach it.
  • The Underholme: There are chambers lower than the two levels already mentioned, but access to these are restricted even to a majority of the members of the warrior lodge itself. It is even said that there are access tunnels that connect to the catacombs beneath Warsaw.
  • The Maul: Situated between the rear of the Bulwark and the natural rock outcroppings of the southern part of the city lie the practice and drill grounds. The surface of the ground is covered in the shields, helmets, and armors of fallen foes, all hammered flat. Nothing of the dirt below is visible. Other trophies of past battles and conquests exist in the form of hides, horns, skulls, and other totems taken from the many dangerous monsters that inhabit the Tainted Earth. These are kept in magically sealed glass coffers, displaying the remains within. The Maul is also large enough for all of the Sentinels to muster at once if need be.


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