Glass Elves


Long before humans ever walked on the face of the earth, another race of beings existed far below. A series of caverns, some miles beneath the surface, house the Iron elves and Glass Elves. The Glass Elves lived in a magnificent underworld, made up of sparkling grand caverns made of polish jeweled walls. Rare stones called Utopater provided light eerily similar to sunlight. Within these caverns, the elves built mighty cities of jade, crystal and even diamond palaces.

The destruction that lead to the collapse of the surface civilizations utterly destroyed the Glass Elves’ homes. Their mighty cavern cities were flooded by ocean water from above and magma from below.

Of the 300,000 Glass Elves that existed, a mere 8,000 were able to escape. These elves, who inhabited a cavern called Slfastgar, lived close enough to the surface to be aware of the existence of the surface cultures. Lead by the hero Haunin, about 1/3 of Slfastgar’s population made it to the surface.

Near where they broke through to the surface, they found an all-but abandoned city, made primarily of stone and granite. The Glass Elves dubbed this New Slfastgar, and set out to rebuild their broken civilization.

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The Glass Elves are a misplaced and lost people. They were masters of their previous civilization, having developed a complex and refine culture. In the tainted world, however, the understand little about their surroundings, and have had to learn the most basic concepts.

Glass Elves stand between 6 and 6 1/2 feet tall, and weigh between 160-200 pounds. They are thin but muscular. They move with a graceful and flowing motion. Glass Elves, like their cousins the Iron Elves, have no hair anywhere on their bodies. They have pale skin, but seem to be immune to sunburn. They have black pupils.

Religion & Philosophy

Argnash is the Glass Elves name for both their god and the planet, which they see as the same being. They worship him by dropping to their hands and knees and then placing their forehead against the ground (preferably stone).

Traits (Aspects)

Glass elves have the following traits.

Light Agrophobia: Although the Glass Elves have been above ground for several generations, they retain a slight discomfort with open space, preferring to be indoors or underground. When outside, a Glass Elf has the Aspect Agrophobia.

One with the Earth: Glass Elves are naturally in tune with the earth, given them a +1 bonus on Awareness and Academia when dealing with geological phenomenon.

Glass Elves

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