Krugreppeans were originally a happy and peaceful people. This all changed when a deranged alien psychic unleashed a Maltech device in an attempt to harness the power of their homeworld’s star. The alien was unable to control the ancient device, and instead, their sun was destroyed as was the majority of their civilization and people. They used their starships to flee the destruction of their homeworld; however, they only possessed a limited number of spike drive capable starships, nowhere near enough to save the bulk of their people, the remaining Krugreppeans died on their homeworld. Since that time they have spread out in their starships across the stars, hunting for the rogue psychic that destroyed their civilization. Now most Krugreppeans are trained as warriors, favoring both energy and bladed weapons. In spite of their advanced technology they have always been a superstitious people, the destruction of their society has only made them even more so.

It was the Tainted World that became the crash site of one such Krugreppean ship. With supplies on board running out, and fuel at critical levels, the commander made a final, desperate attempt. He ordered the ship’s spike drive engaged and with the last of its fuel punched an artificial wormhole into N-space without navigation coordinates. With the rest of his people in stasis, the commander steadfastly piloted the ship towards an impossibly distant star, searching for a suitable planet for salvation. He died at the helm and the ship drifted through space as a silent ghost. The gravity of the Tainted World ensnared the vessel and brought it crashing to the surface.

Hundreds of years later it is the descendants of the crash survivors that still thrive. A xenophobic lot with a culture mired in warrior tradition. The Krugreppeans are known today merely as a race of powerful, yet rarely seen savages. The average Krugeppean male is massively built, standing seven to eight feet tall and covered in a thick hair of a variety of hues from black to a golden blond to even white. Krugreppean females are are only slightly shorter than the males in height and their body structure is significantly less bulky.

They favor a tribal social structure led by a male chieftain and are incredibly reluctant regarding contact with the outside world. They fiercely defend their isolation and their people. Their physiology makes them natural fighters and their tolerance of pain, ability to withstand great amounts of damage, and the adherence to a code of honor make them perfect warriors. Although none of the technology from the crash survived, and the ship itself is nothing but vegetation covered ruins the Krugreppeans still gather there and make it their home.

Krugreppeans live in harmony with the natural world and favor the wilds over more developed civilization. Many of their kind are so in tune with nature that animals and beasts do their bidding and it is said that they can even commune with plants. A specialized type of Druidic magic can be found among the Krugs, but their aptitude for more formal magic from one of the many colleges is incredibly rare.


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