Ledgerease is the northern gateway to Bysimium. It is technically an independent city state, although it is a de facto client state of Bysimium.

It is a large city with strong city walls, although it has long since outgrown them. It is largely a Western city, although with a heavy Eastern influence, especially among the upper ruling classes. Cosmopolitan traders deal in the East/West trade, although you will never get as good a deal here as you would in Bysimium itself.

Ledgerease is ruled by the king Negrescu I, although the ancient Bysimium wizard Mufaddal Fadi Tawfeek‘s great tower rises above the king’s palace, and it is rumored the he holds ultimate power in Ledgerease.

It is about 100 miles NW of Bysimium, around the coast of the Ebon Sea.


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