Premise: The modern world is struck by a fantastic event of unknown origin, destroying modern technology.


  • Yes: Hollow Earth
  • No: Industrial tech, gunpowder
  • Yes: Intelligent non-humans arrive/evolve
  • No: Pre-Event knowledge rare
  • Yes: Major geographic change
  • Yes: Space travel in last period

Microscope Timeline

Modern world is plunged into chaos! BEGIN, DARK

  • 6.5 billion die, leaving zone of death/spiritual magic. DARK
  • Massive death knell of humanity awakens the sleeping elves. DARK
    • Scene question: Why did the first Elf make such an impact upon humanity?
      • Rural Russia, in the Caucuses
      • His slaughter of innocent humans was witnessed and the story spread terror far and wide.

1 in 5 humans change to fantastic creatures, drawn to specific geographic areas. DARK

  • New races take magic to extremes of good and evil. DARK
  • Glass Elves, part of newly birthed demi-humans, arrive cultured with innate solidarity.
  • Regional creations of multi-racial species. LIGHT
  • Human Purist movements starts genocidal hunt of non-humans. DARK
    • Scene question: How did human purists interact with non-humans?
      • Black-clad warriors ravage country-side, secluded villages sacked and razed, all killed. DARK

Isolation and development of non-human races and their cultures. LIGHT

  • In Norway, the lord of the Elves assists the Gnomes and delivers their lands back to them. LIGHT
    • Scene question: Why did the Glass Elves help the Gnomes?
      • Norway “slave” farm
      • The Glass Elves are dedicated to freedom for all races. LIGHT
    • Scene question: How did the Gnomes take to Glass Elf Liberation?
      • Gnome Underground Resistance HQ
      • By becoming (over) enthusiastically self-preserving. LIGHT
    • Scene question: How did Gnome Liberation affect trade in the former North Europe?
      • The last human trade depot in the former Norway
      • Starving hordes of humans and non-humans migrate south for food. DARK

New moon appears in orbit over earth. DARK

  • Initial global shakeup causes worldwide pandemics, splinters secluded societies DARK
  • Large group of humans quarantine selves on island of Manhattan. LIGHT
  • Quarantined Mahattanites become regionally influential utilizing threat of arsenal stockpiles of the ancients. LIGHT

Ice Age tribes of man throw off the yoke of their Reptillian overlords. LIGHT

  • Ice Age tribes of man throw off the yoke of their Reptillian overlords. LIGHT
    • Scene question: How does Heeraklez discover his power?
      • Trial before the Reptillian Queen for disobediance
      • Heeraklez uses magic to thrawt his execution sentence. LIGHT
  • Heeraklez turns back the Ice Age, bringing humans and Reptillians together. LIGHT
  • With the receeding Ice Age and human help, the Reptillians breed Dragons. LIGHT
    • How did the Elf/Gnome alliance get revenge against the humans?
      • Stole and corrupted a Dragon! DARK

Amalgamation of isolated groups into larger political groups. LIGHT

  • A coastal people go seafaring, discover another continent and establish trade. LIGHT
    • Scene question: How did the sea-farers of Esporta arrange trade to obtain the valuable mineral Magikite
      • Shore of new continent
      • Unable to discern true origin of Magikite, Esportans establish equitable trade. LIGHT

Magical renaissance. Amidst intrigue and war, Benefax codifies and unites schools of magic, permanently influencing the reliable use of magic. LIGHT

  • Benefax discovers enchantment and telekenesis can be accomplished by the same magical means. LIGHT
  • Most non-human races reach accord with humanity and begin sharing knowledge and culture. LIGHT
  • Negative side effects of magical renaissance create an artificial arcane race of sadistic beings. DARK
    • Scene question: Why do these otherworldly beings want to trade their tech for the arcane beings?
      • Equitorial magic dead zone— moon in geo-sync orbit over it
      • They find they can fully control the arcane beings.

The new “moon liches” interfere with global trade, imposing tariffs and suborning government officials. DARK

  • The magical assassination of the centaur primarch of central Esporta causes international tensions. DARK

Magical World War/Apocalypse. Height of irresponsible use of magic. DARK

  • Feuding microsystems take advantage of recessions and developing magic tech towards the creation of organized crime factions. DARK

Humanity restores the standards of society. END, LIGHT


Gyro’s: Human Purist Movement

Duck Sauce’s: Elf/Gnome revenge vs. humanity

Flapjack’s: Resistance of stable small communities to assimilation by other groups.


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